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art and design studio based in Los Angeles, California

a message from Benjamin Morse, creative director and owner of morse makes:

I began morse makes as a creative studio to share the things that I wanted to see in the world. When I returned to the Pokémon card collecting and playing hobby a few years ago, I needed a playmat. For card game players, whether going to a tournament or playing with friends, often your playmat is your first impression. What it looks like can say a lot about you. So, I decided to make my own, since none that I could find fit what I wanted to be my first impression. Everything that comes out of morse makes is something that I created because I wanted it myself. I believe in a quality product for myself and sharing that with you. Contact me if you can’t find what you have wished was out there, and I’d love to help make it come to life.

Thank you for your support and interest in this little home I’ve found.